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Diving off Mozambique's Manta Coast offers some of the most impressive dive sites in the world. With the warm Indian Ocean reefs attracting a variety of large fish including Manta Ray, Whale Shark,  Giant moray eels and Humback Whale.


While the coral serves as a playground to myriads of brilliantly coloured smaller fish including schooling banner fish, Domino’s, Lion Fish, Octopus, Barred Sweetlips, Goldies, and Trigger Fish. With the diverse structure of the reefs from the cleaning stations of ‘Office’, to the ascent on the impressive ‘Giants Castle’, reef pinnacles, overhangs, coral arches and much more can be expected.


 Sea temperatures can vary between 30°C in summer to 21°C in winter and reef depths may vary from 10m to 40m and offer good visibility and fantastic photo opportunities. Not only of the incredible range of coral but of over 6,000 species of fish. Above the waves, dolphins are frequently encountered as are leatherback, loggerhead and green turtle. Humpback whales can be sighted between August and October while the lucky few may get to marvel at the sight of the rare dugong.

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