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Distance: 1.7km

Max depth : 10m

Bottom time : 50-60min


  This reef  is a flat rocky oval shaped, filled with channels  and gullies and home to  find a huge variety of tropical reef  fish and colorful nudibranchs .  At south drop point, you will often find yellow or white leaf fish and lionfish welcoming  divers to descend.  As your dive progress  to the north, you will encounter well camouflaged scorpionfish, stonefish,  crocodilefish,  octopus,  moray eels, sea moth, harlequin shrimp and sometimes  hawksbill turtle under ledge with crunching sound.

  Buddies reef is a perfect site for Open Water 1st & 2nd training dives with no current & surge and Night dive spotting active marine life, especially lots of crayfish.