Manta Reef


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Distance : 22km

Max depth : 28m

Bottom time : 30min


  A world renowned site which gets it’s name from the close up sightings of mantas that occur at the three cleaning stations. The north drop is onto the first cleaning station called” Pinnacles”, that rises from 26m on the sand to 18m on top. There is a steep wall with  8m drop which has a swim through and an overhang. The south drop is onto manta canyon, a huge wall that drops down to 30m on the sand with lots of cracks and ledges. Watch manta’s swim over you as you hide behind the ledge at 24m. A large abundance of marine life like potato groupers, red fang trigger fish, yellow & humpback snappers, frog fish, fusiliers, trumpet fish. bat fish, mantas and devil rays is found here. This reef is our farthest site and one of the most spectacular, making a visit to this reef well worth the longer journey time to get there.