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Distance : 11km

Max depth : 30m

Bottom time : 25min


  Another one of amazing dive site which is south of office reef,  but bit deeper than office. Once drop after negative entry, you will fine beautiful green coral trees on top of reef and find depth on sandy bottom 28meters  with passing by turtle, manta or group of dolphins going up together to see if  you have good luck enough, even humback whale! Shortly one of swim- through show up ,checking of your buoyancy control. On the way to south, sometimes  divers might encounter leopard shark, honeycomb moray eel, big potato grouper looking for patting from divers like cat, white tip shark and smalleye sting ray, afterward bit easer   swimming through, happier than  the first one to feel to control buoyancy. At last  almost 4 min before no dico-limit,divers can see cave of Dinis memorial, getting more green.  AND afterward time to ascend, still possibility to see pelagic game fish and devil ray. One of recommended dive site from Barra Reef Divers.