The Team

Russel Walster
Jackie Jeong
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  Barra Reef Divers was founded in 2002 and is the longest  surviving dive center in  Praia da Barra.

  It is owned by Russel Walster who is a dive veteran with more than 40 years of experience  with thousands of dives under the belt and  Jackie Jeong his partner, a south Korean dentist, has also more than 20 years of diving experience  also serve as the 1 st line of help with possible medical emergencies.

  Apart from normal Dive Activities and Courses, Barra Reef Divers is also a professional dive Career Development  facility and trains from Recreational to  up to Instructor level and also qualified to do some Technical  training.

  We are primarily a SSI Dive Centre but we also offer TDI/ SDI training courses.

  Quotations for Dive Career Development courses will be given on a individual basis depending on previous experience ect.

  The brand new Dive Centre is right on the Barra beach  next to Neptunes Lodge and boast a 5 meters deep training pool which was only finished in October 2018.

  All the Skippers and Primary dive staff has been with the company for many years and their experience is part of the success story of Barra Reef Divers.